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Membership and Services

Find out who is eligible to be a PSRFCU member, and check out our member benefits, including many Love My Credit Union discounts.

Who Can Join?

Current HF Sinclair PSR Employees, Retired Pensioners or Annuitants, Long-term Contractors, USW Local 12-591 members, and Immediate Family Members of those listed, as well as Spouses of persons who died while within the field of membership of this credit union, are eligible to join. Click HERE to join!

open to all us 12-591 members and their immediate family

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When you log in to "It's Me 24/7" for the first time your default log-in will be your 4 digit account number and your password is the last 4 digits of your social security number and your 4 digit birth year (eg. 55551975).

To complete your membership, we will need a copy of your ID, your signature card signed, and $50. For minors to join we need a copy of their social security card and birth certificate, and $5. They will need a joint member over 18 years of age.

Members must make at least one transaction in every 18 month period or they are considered dormant. Being dormant is having no contact with the credit union or response to our attempts to contact you, we will begin to charge the account a $5.00 per month dormant fee until by law the account is sent to the state for escheatment purposes after three years, or there are no longer funds available. At this point, the account will be closed on the member’s behalf.

New Member Incentive! You can earn $25 for every eligible new member you bring us! Bring in a new member who obtains a collateralized loan through us within 30 days, and you both be eligible to receive $50 deposited into your Share savings account! Ask us how today!

Member Benefits & Discounts